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Yoga is a thousand-year-old discipline native to India. Yoga defines the bond that brings body and mind into balance and leads them to harmony.harmony. This discipline has many positive effects on our health and is an excellent tool for stress management. In fact, the main goal of yoga is to help us to be happy and achieve physical and emotional well-being.

You can practice yoga anywhere, but on the water, on a sup board, it’s certainly a unique experience. A game of balance in which body, mind and breath unite..

Floating on water, every simple movement requires concentration and physical effort in terms of balance, flexibility and strength. It is a good exercise for buttocks, abdominals and back muscles. Thanks to an intensive use of the all the deep muscles, the entire body becomes toned and well defined.

But the exceptionality of this sport lies in practicing it in nature, lulled by the waves. The benefits are not only physical; floating on water calms the mind, relaxes emotional states, such as stress, anxiety, anger and sadness.

Leaving the beach and walking into the water to reach the board is already a purification ritual in itself. You leave the stress, the everyday life behind, to embrace another dimension, the inner one of your soul.

Sun, sea and yoga, what more can you ask for? An excellent physical exercise, a practice of concentration, a meditation in movement. And you don’t have to be afraid of falling, because as happens in life, you get up and try again with greater awareness”.

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Hatha-Yoga helps to eliminate the duality in our perception of life, which manifests itself in our judgement of ourselves and the world (right/wrong, good/bad).
These opposites are experienced as inner and outer conflicts, and if we succeed in integrating them, we develop into a state of non-dual consciousness.
It brings various benefits to the body: It increases muscle tone, elasticity, balance and abs.
It also improves the general state of health: elimination of toxins, stimulation of the vital organs (digestive, respiratory, sexual organs…), improvement of heart function and endurance. Thanks to the concentration and willpower it requires, Hatha Yoga also has a positive effect on the mind. Stress and anxiety are gradually reduced, and after just a few sessions you will feel a deep sense of well-being that will affect your daily life and your relationships with other people. Hatha Yoga is suitable for everyone.
Practice in a constant flow in which movements (vinyasa), breath (ujjayi), diaphragms (bandha) and line of sight (drishti) become one. Vinyasa Flow is suitable for everyone, especially for those who seek a philosophical connection to the physical body.