Why WINDSURF SCHOOL TORNADO in Bibione at Carlo’s?

Because it’s not just windsurfing, sport and professionality… it’s also wing surfing , sup, canoeing, yoga sup

It’s not just a school, it’s friendship, it’s love, it’s teamwork. It’s about telling and remembering storiesIt’s about meeting new people, happiness, growth, it’s “my” summer.

Because it gives you new emotions and friendships for life.

Because we don’t make any distinctions, we welcome everyone in the same way and accompany you on a journey where you learn to know, face and respect everything that nature gives us.

Because in this place fear becomes courage and hesitation becomes security

It’s a place where you can relax, parents are also very welcome…

Because every person who arrives brings something of his own and helps to fill a piece of the school making it “unique and alive”.

But above all because it is family, which doesn’t only exist, but lives in each of us, always and anyway, for over 40 years.

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The Windsurf School Tornado is very easy to reach: it is situated east of Piazzale Zenith and in front of Lido dei Pini, and it is bordered by parking lots, convenient for all, both for those coming from other places and for all tourists from Bibione.
You can also reach the school by bike, following the cycle path in the direction of the lighthouse.
There is the possibility to stay on the free beach with your own beach umbrella or just with a towel.
For this reason, “surfing” in this place is not affected by overcrowding of bathers, and therefore learning the technique at the seaside is more relaxing.
Behind the school there is a pine forest with a large garden, which is perfect for immersing yourself in the greenery. There you can spend the hottest hours in the shade of the trees and perhaps have a snack or a picnic while waiting for the right time to enjoy the sports activities of the Windsurf School Tornado.

Windsurf School Tornado offers lessons specifically designed for youngsters and provides special equipment in terms of size and weight

In the learning phase, Windsurf School Tornado‘s group course with surfers of your level is the best and most fun way to progress.

With the right balance between simulation on land and practice in the water, you are guaranteed the best progression in a short time.

Courses include equipment rental, theory manuals, liability insurance and an end-of-course license (on request also international FIV, CSENor VDWS).

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