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Forty years ago, in the early 80’s, I was already present when this school was born. It was one of the first windsurf schools by the Adriatic coast and in Italy, where, under the guidance of my first teacher “Poppy”, I learned the technique. With him I started my collaborative path, developing and boost this sport, both in terms of fun and technique.

Later I took over the school by attending training courses and started off as an instructor (at that time ISVA: Associate Sailing Surf Instructors), trying to improve the technical as well as the professional level. Honoring my first teacher I decided to call the school “Tornado”, which was in fact the company of the first surf boards used at the time.

I later bought another school nearby and thanks to all valuable collaborators, I was able to improve the organization and methodology by creating a single, larger center. The work increased every year, new ideas, new investments, new partners, etc. I attended the VDWS windsurfing instructor course (one of the most recognized German windsurfing associations in the world) when it was held the first year in Italy. Later, other schools were purchased, the logistics, the equipment, the teaching method and the various other sports offered changed, but nonetheless things remained the same after almost forty years: the enthusiasm that comes from living in the water on a surfboard and the passion for teaching.

In the last few years I finally managed to become a first and then second level F.I.V. instructor, achieving a Federal recognition and the possibility to be enrolled in the FIV Instructors Register, a title recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

Since 2019 I have been a trainer of the courses for CSEN instructors, the largest Italian association recognized by CONI, where it is possible to enroll in the Instructors’ Register as a Sailing Master.

Compared to the first surfing centre in 1981, lots of things have changed, the school has had a continuous growth thanks to the STAFF of excellent instructors with many years of experience in teaching, who love their work and know how to relate with adults, kids but especially with the youngest. Entire families chose us to practice this fascinating sport which gives emotions and sense of freedom in joy and friendship. With the same vitality with which we experienced our first planing, we want to share the sensations you feel when you windsurf.

Finally, I can only say that after 40 years of experience… “the success of teaching is guaranteed! “

Istruttore Carlo Dal Molin - Windsurf School Tornado - Bibione VE