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A wing that swells up like a kite and is handled like a windsurf, but has no cables, no batten, and no boom. It allows you to sail in the wind and have fun with a Sup or a board with hydrofoils on your feet. It’s called wing, it has been perfected by Robby Naish and is the new water sport ready to conquer everyone.

Wing-Surfing does not want to be an alternative to kitesurfing or windsurfing, and in reality it is not only aimed at those who already practice these sports. Wing-Surfing is simply another way to be in the water, for those who want to experience the thrill of flying on the water as it would be possible with kitesurfing, but … with more ease!

Wing-Surfing is extremely easy to learn, infinitely easier than windsurfing and kitesurfing. According to the various brands and those who have tried it, the wing is very easy to handle. Just hold it in the wind direction and go! Its handling is instinctive and does not involve the dangers of a kite. There is no danger of being dragged along or getting the lines tangled. It always offers the possibility to control the performance. Its use with a surfboard or SUP allows you to have fun and without too much effort … Only, of course, if you have the foresight to choose the Windsurf School Tornado!

A new and fun way to play with the wind and an extra reason to be on the water.

Anyone can practice this new sport, both children and adults, and above all it does not require much physical strength. There is, however, only one requirement: a good swimming ability. Wing-Surfing in light wind and calm water is a really safe sport, a mixture of windsurfing, SUP and kitesurfing.

For those who want to continue the course after the first basic hours, can try their hand in safety on a board with the FOIL, a large fin that can lift the board out of the water feeling the thrill and adrenaline of floating and flying over the water.

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