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After 2012 we celebrated with Carlo the 30th year of the existence of the Windsurf School Tornado this year we celebrate the 20 years since the opening of the second center by Andrea in 1998 that was then on the right of Piazzale Zenith and now it is in front of the Firmamento sector/ via …

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Free activities

Approach to windsurfing A trial lesson to learn this fascinating sport SUNDAY 18:00   Sailing   The O’pen BIC is a boat designed to facilitate learning of sailing safely to children and young people of all ages MONDAY AT 18.00 by ANDREA’s school S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle   Practical and easy to use for a complete physical …

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The season has begun!

The 2012 season has finally begun … and this year we celebrate 30 years of tornado Windsurfing school founded in 1982 with the Poppy … for more info look at the page extra/a little bit of history!

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The beginning is closer and closer…

The first sails are transferred to the beach …

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